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Top tourists attractions in Malaysia

A country where you can witness an amalgamation of Asia and Europe, a country where 25 million tourists from all over the world come to explore the beauty of the country every year – Yes! Malaysia is the divine creation of nature that is nurtured to the best by humans. Here are the top tourists’ attractions to explore in Malaysia:

  1. Malacca

If you would love to know the rich history of this country, it’s Malacca that you should visit. Whilst the old part of the city is bestowed with reminiscences of the European buildings, the other part is a haven of churches, temples, palaces, museums, temples and more. Once at Malacca, don’t forget to do and see kite flying, bike and duck tour, river cruising, sound & light show and more.

malacca-weather-teaserTop attractions: Baba and Nyonya Peranakan Museum, Cheng Hoon Temple, Dutch Square, Sultanate Palace, Stadthuys, Melaka Art Gallery, Bukit China, King’s Well, Melaka River, Melaka Botanical Garden and more.

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  1. Malaysian Borneo

After you have known about the country’s past, it’s time to have an interaction with the nature and the wildlife of Malaysia. It’s the place where you can sense adventure around the island and in the air. At Malaysian Borneo, you must watch the orangutans, explore the rainforest, go scuba diving, and do mountain trekking and lots more.

BorneoRainforestLodge-Malaysia-1024x460Top attractions: Sepilook Orangutan Rehabilitation Center, Mount Kinabalu, Kinabantangan River, Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park and more.

  1. Perhentian Islands

A coral fringed island, the Perhentian Islands is an absolute delight for beach lovers and relaxation seekers. No man- made wonders here, but the beaches and the glimpse of the nature is a captivating delight that is hard to resist. It’s a heavenly place for scuba diving, sunbathing, turtle watching, kayaking, snorkelling, trailing and more.

perhentian islandsTop attractions: Coral Bay, Besar, Kecil Island, Lighthouse Towers, Redang Island and more.

  1. Kuala Lumpur

Of course, the heart of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, offers epic gardens like the Perdana Lake Gardens, beautiful skyline views from towers such as Petronas Tower, excellent connectivity and a concoction of the Chinese, Malay and Indian. It’s definitely a paradise for all shopaholics.

Top attractions: Petronas Tower, Batu Caves, Petaling Street Market, Chinatown, Sultan Abdul Samad Building, i- City Shah Alam, Lake Gardens, Aquaria KLCC Oceanarium and more.

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Overcoming mistakes during makeup that might end in awkward state

Did it ever happen that while doing make up, you put a lot of foundation and you end up looking like a cake! Or, perhaps feathered and matte lipstick shades made you look like you have cracked lips! Unfortunately and unlike celebs, most of us can’t afford hiring a make- up pro on a daily basis and therefore, we need to know these make up hacks to keep looking beautiful wherever we go and overcome makeup mishaps:

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  1. If you had put a lot of foundation, here’s what you got to do – take a drop of a lightweight moisturiser on your fingertips and dab it on your face in a circular motion. Next, take a dampened sponge and wipe off the excess foundation from your face to make your face look natural.


  1. If you have watery eyes, you have the highest probability to get smeared mascara. You can use a tissue or preferably an oil- based make up remover to pick up the irritating residues. Later, you can disguise it with the help of a concealer.
  2. Bronzers are a great way to add that extra sun- kissed glow on your face, but, most of us fail to bring this effect. The correct way to apply a bronzer is to apply it in the motion of ‘3’.
  3. Using factory provided eyebrow pencils can make your eyebrows look dark, devilish and unnatural! To give that natural depth to your eyebrows, take the eyebrow colour on an angled brush and slowly stroke it from the inside to the outside of your eyebrows (following the shape) whilst filling in those empty spaces.


  1. Primers are a great way to fix your foundation and keep your look last long, but, only if you do it right. If your foundation is silicone based, make sure you only use a silicone based primer. Buy a primer and a foundation of the same brand and the same series, so that they have somewhat similar ingredients and can effectively complement each other.

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How to protect your skin from pollution?

Though one of the most sensitive, our ‘skin’ is one of the most vital organs that saves us from external damages. Our skin ages with time, but, airborne toxins like smog, dirt and dust can rapidly intensify the skin ageing process. Reason: These airborne toxins settled on our skin react with the sun’s UV rays and form free radicals (highly charged oxygen molecules) that rapidly damage the collagen and the skin cells. Here are the 5 ways with which you can easily protect your skin from pollution and slow down the ageing process:

  1. Wash your skin daily.

Every morning and night, rinse your skin thoroughly with plain water. Follow it up with a good or preferably an herbal face wash, an exfoliator/ scrubber, a cleanser and a moisturiser.

  1. Blocking Pollution

Yes, you can at least limit your exposure to pollution! A good sunscreen (at least SPF 30) can limit the overexposure to harmful UV rays. Layer it up with a moisturiser, which can create a barrier between your skin and the free radicals. If you have to go out on the streets, don’t forget to carry a scarf and sunglasses to block pollution and protect your face.

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  1. Limit exposure to Chlorine

Tap water consists of excess amount of chlorine that can cause skin damage. Whenever you wash your face, make sure you use only filtered water. Limit your exposure to swimming pools as well.

  1. Water and Omega 3

All of us know that having plenty of water throughout the day not only washes off the toxins and free radicals from your body, but, it also keeps the skin moisturised and hydrated. Optimum perspiration keeps your skin plum and free from wrinkles. On the other hand, Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids are well known to shield the effect of harmful UV rays. Omega 3 can be found in kidney beans, walnuts, salmon, oysters, spinach and other green veggies.


  1. Antioxidants

Anti-oxidants can neutralise the effect of free radicals. Vitamin C and E can even reverse your age spots that are triggered by pollution. Carrots, tomatoes, bell peppers, squash and other green vegetables are some of the antioxidant rich foods.

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