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Benefits of Morning Walk – A Blessing for the Whole Day.


The modern-day world is full of psychological disorders, poor health, mental tensions and many problems. Besides, very few people in the world care about their health more than their work or daily task. There are many simple ways by which everyone can restore their health and morning walks in one of them.

We all heard about the saying “early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”. It not only makes you healthy but also improves the physical shape and state of the body and protects us from many diseases.

A morning walk is the time when the mind is fresh and the body is active. It gives you energy, motivates you to avoid laziness and keeps you fit and active throughout the day. It is the most vital exercise for the human body to remain in state of a healthy mind.

The morning environment has the fresh air and the moist that is in the green grass is the best for the other health problems of the body.  The early rays of the rising sun contain vitamin D that is good for the healthy skin and body. One can also enjoy the beautiful and cool weather- the dewdrops on the leaves, grasses and flower petals that shine like pearls and fresh smell of nature that makes our eyes very cool and good.

‘Heath is Wealth’- doctors also recommend a morning walk to their patients for gaining sound health and freshness of energy. It reduces stress, anxiety, increase metabolism, builds positivity and is good for heart.

You all came to know how important is to walk in the morning, a little bit of preparations for those walks will make you feel ready and motivated. You require some basic essentials they are- a pair of walking shoes, water bottle, sports bra, hair band, t-shirts & track pants and a  fitness tracker. You can visit- Lazada store for all these essentials. Stay Fit and Stay Healthy.  Make use of Lazada Coupons to get good discounts today!

Kaamatan Festival 2020 Offers to Look for

Kaamantan Festival is a harvest festival that highlights the Unduk Ngadau which is known as beauty pageant and Sugandoi called singing contents was announced to be organized online this year.


Kaamatan also known as Pesta Kaamatan is a form of harvest festival that is celebrated annually in the state of Sabah in Malaysia. The festival is celebrated for the whole month of May by the ethnic Kadazan-Dusuns as well as the other related groups in the state.

Why it is celebrated:

It was believed that in olden days people suffered from a great famine. In the kingdom many people were suffering with the shortage of food. Then the Kinoingan, a God took pity towards the people and in order to save the people, he scarified his own daughter Huminodun and sowed her over the land.

The crops were harvested and the people were saved. And the people believe that the spirit of Huminodun is embodied in the rice and therefore it is called as Bambarayon or Bambazon.


About the festival:

Kaamatan is a joyous occasion for friends and family when everyone makes time to appreciate each other. The last day of Kaamatan a closing ceremony known as The Humabot Ceremony is organized that includes variety of activities, entertainment, dances, food and delicacies throughout the day. The ceremony is important to ensure the farmers will be able to harvest again in the next season.

People perform traditional folk dance which is one of the most important dances and an absolute must-do dance that is inspired by eagle flying patterns witnessed by farmers during the festival. The Unduk Ngadau beauty pageant is held to commemorate the spirit of Huminodun.

During the festival almost everyone dresses in traditional costumes while the elders perform the traditional dance. You can grab Zalora coupons to have the best shopping experience with excellent discounts applied on things purchased.

The significant celebration of culture and heritage is what makes the festival so special. It is the harvest festival that sets the value of patience, diligence and hard work.

Get New Style to Wear On This Christmas


Have you done your Christmas shopping?

Are you searching for high-quality fashion clothes for your special Christmas then you are at the right place to visit?

Yoins provides you the best trending designs for expressing your real personality and style. Yoins is one of the top online sites for fashion clothes in Malaysia. Yoins provides young people to express their style with a high-quality fashion at an affordable price. You can find the best to make all the new fashion trends available to everybody.

Grab the best deals and offers by clicking on Yoins Coupons.

This Christmas Yoins has been celebrating Christmas sale up to 80% off with minimum orders. It is also availing sweater down to $7.95, tops down to $5.95 and plus and curves down to $12.95. Collected a wide range of the best looks from the catwalks, from the streets to create comfortable, high quality, fashionable clothing, and make it available at an affordable price.

This site makes you feel confident and comfortable for any occasion with its beautiful collections. You can get up to 10% off on first order with on-time shipping. You can find all the items that will be on-trend and updated. Yoins provides us a lot of deals with great collections of winter2019, clothing, top, dresses, coats and sweaters, plus size, accessories and more. Find all latest collection like dresses, party dress, plus size party dresses, bottom, pants, skirts, jeans, jumpsuits, leggings, sweater and cardigans, coats and jackets, blouse and much more.

It avails a great range of accessories like shoes, bags, jewelry, earrings, necklace, bracelets, scarves, hair accessories, shoulder and tote bags, cross bags, and many more that can be matched with the stylish wear.

So, enjoy exploring the great collections at Yoins and order the best deal by using Yoins coupons.

Enjoy Your Special Moment With FlowerAdvisor


Do you people like decorating your home and want to give a beautiful look?

Most of them are crazy to decorate the rooms with a fresh and beautiful flower. Christmas is near and it is a wonderful time when people decorate their home with Christmas Trees attached with fairy light, tinsel, and other decorations.

Flower makes you feel so cool with a fresh environment. It impresses other people too with its beautiful fragrances and colors. Collect flower bouquets, flower arrangement, and gifts for your beloved one for this Christmas through online at Flower Advisor.

Grab the best offers and deals by using Flower Advisor Coupons.

FlowerAdvisor is the top online florist in Malaysia. It is one of the branded Malaysian florists who deliver the same and next day delivery services to Malaysia and other countries across the globe. An online user can find easy to order fresh flowers and can get it within 24 hours. You can grab all types and beautiful flowers, Roses, Hampers, Gifts according to occasions at FlowerAdvisor. You can easily select various types of flowers, gifts to present your special person.

Who doesn’t like Roses?

Roses are the most beautiful flowers that can opt by any person. Here you can find different types and colors of Roses like Blue Roses, Champagne Roses, Pink Roses, Red Roses, White Roses, Yellow Roses, Orange roses, Peach roses, and mixed Roses. Consumers can avail gifts like Hand Boutiques, Flower basket, Carnation, Flower boxes and many more. FlowerAdvisor provides Hampers for Chinese New Year, Eid-Ul-Fitr, Gift Baskets, Wine Gift Basket, Christmas Gift Basket, Deepavali Hampers, Fruits Baskets, and Gourmet Hampers. Find Baby gifts, exotic chocolates, Romance flower gift, cakes, teddy bear and many more.

Collect Christmas Gift Baskets like Colorful Christmas, One Christmas Moment, That One Winter Moment, A Christmas Surprise and many more. Surprise your friends and relatives with Christmas Gift Basket by clicking on Flower Advisor  Coupons.

Refresh Your Wardrobe With The Latest Offers


Who doesn’t like shopping?

Everyone shows interest when it comes to the point of shopping. Everyone wants to refresh their wardrobe. Refresh your wardrobe by adding the latest clothing like denim, jeans, dresses, tops and many more. People search for a store where everything should be available but they don’t get all the products from one store.

So, why don’t you people visit Cotton On, where you can get all the latest fashioned and stylish clothing, shoes, accessories, and your complete outfit by using Cotton On Coupons.

Cotton On is the largest global fashion retailer. It is most popular for fashion clothing and stationery brands. It provides stylish women’s, men’s, kids, baby clothes, accessories and much more. You can find all your needs like midi dresses to wrap dresses, maxi to mini, and party dresses. You can shop for your perfect outfit with all the accessories. Cotton On provides a wide range of products like dresses, jumpsuits, Tops, Sleepwear, Shoes, Activewear, Jeans, Pants, Sleepwear, Lingerie, Swimwear, Shorts, Coats, Jackets, Maternity wear, Skirts and much more.

Cotton On avails all men’s essentials like Tops, Shirts, Pants, Shorts, Jackets and Coats, Hoodies and Sweaters, and Jeans. It offers dresses like Disney princesses, new arrivals, Halloween, Swimwear, homewares, stationery, art, and crafts. It provides the best services to its customers by providing branded items with free shipping, free returns, and next day pick up with a click and collect.

Shopping lovers can shop the latest stylish wear like Tops, pants, tote bags, sunglasses, convertible Scrunchie, heels, sandals, miniskirts, caps, hair bands and much more. It also offers a wide range of gifting items like a suitcase, drinking bottles, Harry potter satchel backpack, Stevie boxy cross body bags and many more.

Cotton On also supplies Halloween Edit like some cute Halloween outfits. Shop by clicking Cotton On Coupons to get the best offers and deals.

Best Online Shopping At Malaysia


Malaysia is one of the most developed and richest countries in the world. It is a country of multi-religions which is situated in Southeast Asia. Some of the famous places in Malaysia are: Kuala Lumpur, George Town, Langkawi, Malacca, Kota Kinabalu and many more.

Shopee Malaysia is one of the top leading online shopping sites. Many great deals offered by Shopee with best discount by using Shopee coupons. Shopee provides a wide range of products within reasonable rates.  It also offers great deals across Asia along with Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines and Taiwan.

It provides Shopee mart with lowest price guaranteed. It made easy to customers to order their necessary needs with free global shipping. The wide ranges of products available at Shopee are Women Clothes, Health and Beauty, Baby and Toys, Home and Living, Women’s Bags, Muslim Fashion, Groceries and Pets, Women’s Shoes, Fashion Accessories, Automotive and many more products. Not only women’s products are available but also Men’s Clothes, Mobile and Gadgets, Watches, Home appliances and many more with best discounts with Shopee coupons.

Best offer provided by Shopee:

Luggage for all: Up to 70% off!

Up to 50% off – On off Season on John Master.

Free Gift Just For You. Limited Stocks Only!

Shopee mid – Year Sale: Branded Deals – Up to 50% off and many more.


Lazada is one of the Top most online shopping places in Malaysia and it also sells its products in Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Lazada provides customers large varieties of products at low rates. It provides wide range of products like Electronic Devices, Electronic Accessories, TV & Home Appliances, Health & Beauty, Babies & Toys, Groceries & Pets, Home & Lifestyle, Women’s Fashion, Men’s Fashion, Fashion Accessories, Sports & Travel, Automotive & Motorcycles and many more. Each and every product is available at Lazada with best discount offered by using Lazada coupons.

Best deals by Lazada:

Midyear Festival 12 July:

Free shipping Deals below RM 19.90 – 3 days to go.

Deals from RM0.90 for Big baby Fair.

Grab RM 25 Off Voucher On Watsons.

Must Have Branded Deals! Up to 80% Off.

Women’s Handbags 5-star Rated Bags below RM55.

Glamorize The New You! Up to 50% Off.

Hot Deals As Low as RM1.

RM20 for You Collect Now and Use on 12 July!

Customer can make their shopping easy within their budget by using Lazada coupons and get best offers.


Monsoon Offers to Consider this Season


Zalora  Fashion is redefined every now and then with a twist of style in clothing, footwear, lifestyle, accessories, makeup, hairstyle and body. It is a trend style  in which people present themselves. Either it is for a Men or Women.

ZALORA  brings you the best in Men’s and Women’s fashion trends. We provide brands, ensure perfect outfit on hand.  Zalora selection keeps you looking fresh from top to bottom, with tops and dresses of all styles such as crop top, maxi dresses, playsuits in a myriad of colours, ethnic and modest wear of baju kurung, muslimah dress, tudung, baju kurung moden or kebaya that reflects your culture, and sportswear that brings you closer to your fitness goals.

With a Wide Range of Collection Zalora Provide the Best Fashionable for both men and women. Some of the Best Hot offers are :  In Just Arrival Cahaya Raya  – 20% Off On Sitewide.

Father’s Day Special – 30% Off On Grooming Gift .

New In : Boohoo – Up your Style Game with Fashion forward Pieces that won’t break the bank.

OVS : Stand out this summer with well tailored pieces that are sure to become classics.

25% Off On New Arrivals.

30% Off On Stylish Sneakers.

Outerwear : Up to 60% Off – When in doubt, Layer it out with these jackets, coats and other cosy essentials.

Modest Wear : Up to 80% Off  – Shop our must – have designs fit for the festivities now at lower prices.

Some of the Featured Brands are : Timberland, Levi’s, Adidas, Marie Claire, Nikki Strange, Pomelo and many more. Make use of Zalora Coupon Codes to grab good  discounts.

Althea   Althea Provide a Wide Range of Korean Beauty, Skin care, Makeup, Hair and Body, Korea’s Trendy, Beauty In life, Skin Type, Skin Concern with a top Brands like Bbia, Easy Powder, Klug, Dirtynope, Eyecandy, Innisfree, Mamonde, The Face Shop and many more. Make up give a Gorgeous look for any women with Lip make up, Face make up and Eye Make Up.

Best Offers are : Just in : Sunny Coral – Enjoy Free Shipping on this limited edition. Petal Velvet Powder Shade.

BlackHead Out without the Ouch – The First Natural Bha Stick.

Dessert Anyone ? Irresistibly Sweet Meringue Puffs.

Number 1 – A ‘Bloom Mask Sheet Grab Our Best Seller Before It’s Gone.

Luscious Locks Loot – Our Favorites for Silky, Healthy Hair.

Hair Styling On the Go – Portable Mini Hair Straightener.

Exclusive Brands – Only Available Here and Now.  Grab those Althea Coupon Codes for good discounts.

Fave Fave is a Collection of Offers on awesome things like Eat, Beauty, Massage, Kids, KFit, Services, Travel and Gifts. Just Browse through thousands of Deals and Save up to 80% on your favourite restaurants, cafes, spas, salons, gyms, stores and more. And Get Cashback up to 30%.

Best offer with best Cash back and discount are Available at Fave.  Hotest Offers are :

10% Cashback On fave pay.

Get 70% Off : 1 – Hour Full Body Relaxing Massage with Foot spa and Body Scrub for 1 person  at RM68.00.

Nothing Beats the Originals – Get your Fave-rite cake now while it lasts!

Have you flown with AirAsia before? You can now earn and redeem AirAsia BIG Points on Fave!

Extra 50% Cashback  On Raya Bersama Fave.  Valid for Raya Campaign Collections only. Limited Time Only.

Best of both worlds – Korean and Japanese cuisine from RM19.

Best of the Beauty world – Massage, Facial, Hair, Nails.

Relax and Spa Away – Up to 80% off.

KL Buffet Paradise – Handpicked Just for you -Up to 50% Off .

Summer Offers to Grab this Season


It is Summer time and should experience the sweltering atmosphere with warm breeze and some are gotten up to speed with preparing for tests unconcerned with the alterations in the atmosphere, some must value the pre-summer escape tunneling on solidified yogurts, summer cotton wear, cooling up rooms with AC’s, Air coolers, Refrigerators, etc.


Well this is the way by which summer is felt in most bit of the country. As the season just taken off after the fresh spring season we similarly experience brilliance and freshness in nature where trees sprouting with new blooms implying the greatness of nature.


This also encourages us to recall start of festivities starting from Telugu New Year Ugadi with the kind of fresh unforgiving mangoes coming up, etc. This is the way by which the life pivots round with comparable events and occasions reinvading an apparently perpetual measure of time after year, yet the primary concern is the methods by which you live it in your own style being euphoric and making others happy parallel.Here are some summer offers to consider this season from top online stores:

Cottonon Offers to consider this season:

  • Free delivery on orders over RM125
  • Join CottonOn & Co perks and get RM30 off
  • New styles from RM59 as you dress so fresh
  • Tees to live in at 2 for RM60
  • New Moves Yoga Crop 2 for RM80
  • Sleepwear at Buy one and Get one for 50% off
  • Limited Harry Potter edition from RM30. Use Cottonon Coupons to get great discounts.

Shopee Offers to consider this Season:

  • Get up to 40% off on 7 days clearance sale
  • Super home deals with free shipping at RM20
  • Shopee Super brand day sale on .use up to 300 Shopee Vouchers to get 60% off on sale.
  • Up to 35% off on Cetaphil skin health day
  • Up to 90% off on Baby Wonderland
  • Brands festival at best premium deals.




Women’s Day Offers of Top Stores


Zalora Offers: Zalora the leading retailer in online fashion shopping has come up with wonderful offers on account of this Women’s Day. Just give a sneak peep of the offers below.

  • Dresses at 50% off. Flirty hemlines, classic silhouettes of one piece steal your special date this season.
  • Sportswear at 70% off Adidas being the top brand.
  • Shoes from 50% off that leaves a fashionable imprints on your feet.
  • Get elevated with new arrivals on style and everyday essentials.
  • Latest and greatest Men and Women wear ever at great discounts. Make use of Zalora Coupon Codes and grab good discounts.
  • Zalora now at unlimited next day delivery and 30 days free returns.
  • Free delivery above RM74 worth purchase.
  • Get 20% off on downloading Zalora App today!

Althea Offers: Althea being the wonderful destination for Korean beauty and skin care has flourished its set of offers on account of this Women’s Day ahead!

  • Fabulous February Freebie on purchase of $20 and above
  • Luxe collection of shop first class K-beauty here at 20% off
  • Free Petal Velvet powder on dropping your reviews and also win shopping credits.
  • Free shipping on all orders.
  • Hot deals at up to 50% off
  • Festive Piggy picks for the piggy year at great discounts.
  • Althea exclusives available now on site make use of Althea Coupon Codes to grab good discounts.

Shopee Offers:  Being the one stop shop for categories like flavor vape, school bag, artificial plant, solar light, air filter, festive décor, graphic card, and green tea. Have a look at the offers being showered this season.

  • Shop till you drop at up to 90% off
  • Super Shopee Brand Day at great discounts.
  • Up to 45 % off on home appliances, free shipping on RM30
  • International Day free shipping deals from RM30
  • timber official launch free shipping from RM30
  • TV mega sale at up to 40% off. Make use of Shopee Coupons

Not to Miss out Offers of Top Stores this Season

Asos is a destination where you get to know everything about your fashion needs at a faster pace.

  • Get final reductions up to 70% off on Jackets & Coats, Shoes & Trainers, Jumpers & Cardigans, Hoodies & Sweatshirts, Jeans and Sneakerbrands.
  • Shop for active wear and cold weather layers.
  • Step into the new year with a new pair of shoes on offer
  • Collusion wild style, Sneaker brands, New season Shoes on cheaper prices
  • New Year’s new hues apparel at lower costs.

Fave the ultimate online destination that caters all your needs of eatery, beauty, massage, activities, kids, services, travel , gifts and many more with popular categories like Yummy Buffets, Relaxing Massages, Dininig Vouchers, Flash Deals, Car service, Steamboat Feast and Travel Playlist.

  • Get 10% cash back for FavePay
  • Get 30% cash back for Fave deals.
  • 30% cash back, 25% cash back on deals
  • Fave celebrating its cash back deals this week


Lazada the one time Malaysian destination for Electronic devices & Accessories, Health & Beauty, Babies & Toys, Groceries & Pets, Home & Lifestyle, Women’s Fashion, Men’s Fashion, Sports & Travel, Automotive & Motorcycles.

  • Official launch of up to 35% off on Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser.
  • Up to 40% off on grocery
  • Hada Labo new year sale deals up to 35% off
  • Shoutout to Lazada wallet users
  • Too fit to quit devices at RM 89, RM 479, RM 29
  • Up to 60% off on Russell Taylors Day

Althea the Korean beauty products supplier from long has come up with some offers this season.

  • Combat skin woes by buy1 get 1 for free skin relief spot film gel
  • Signup share and save for water color cream tint
  • 1+1 Daebak deals of buy 1 and get 1 for free on some of our biggest brands
  • Get your sticker with Purchase of Althea exclusives.