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Discover Samsung Ramadan Offers: Unlock Savings with Samsung Coupon Codes

As Ramadan approaches, Samsung Malaysia embraces the spirit of giving with exclusive offers on a wide range of cutting-edge electronics and appliances. From smartphones and tablets to TVs and home appliances, Samsung’s Ramadan promotions cater to diverse needs and preferences. This article delves into the exciting Ramadan offers available on Malaysia and highlights the benefits of utilizing Samsung coupon codes for additional savings.

Samsung Ramadan Offers in Malaysia:
Samsung Malaysia celebrates Ramadan by offering special discounts and promotions on its innovative products, enabling customers to enhance their lifestyles with state-of-the-art technology. Whether you’re upgrading your smartphone, setting up a home entertainment system, or renovating your kitchen, Samsung has something for everyone during this festive season.

Key Ramadan offers on Malaysia include:

  1. Smartphone Deals: Explore exclusive discounts on the latest Samsung smartphones, including the Galaxy S series and Galaxy Note series. With advanced features and sleek designs, these devices elevate your mobile experience.
  2. TV Promotions: Transform your home entertainment experience with discounted Samsung TVs, ranging from QLED and Neo QLED models to Crystal UHD and Lifestyle TVs. Immerse yourself in stunning visuals and crystal-clear audio.
  3. Home Appliance Discounts: Upgrade your kitchen and laundry room with Samsung’s range of innovative appliances, such as refrigerators, washing machines, and air conditioners. Enjoy convenience, efficiency, and style in every corner of your home.
  4. Tablet and Wearable Offers: Discover special promotions on Samsung tablets and wearables, including the Galaxy Tab series and Galaxy Watch series. Stay connected, organized, and productive wherever you go.

Unlock Savings with Samsung Coupon Codes:
To maximize your savings on Malaysia, be sure to leverage Samsung coupon codes during checkout. These codes offer additional discounts, cashback rewards, or freebies, allowing you to enjoy even greater value on your purchases. Whether you’re shopping for personal use or looking for the perfect Ramadan gift, Samsung coupon codes help you make the most of the festive season while staying within budget.

How to Redeem Samsung Coupon Codes:

  1. Browse the wide selection of products available on Malaysia and add your desired items to the shopping cart.
  2. Proceed to the checkout page and review your order summary.
  3. Look for the “Apply Coupon Code” or “Promo Code” field during the checkout process.
  4. Enter your Samsung coupon code into the designated field and click “Apply” to redeem the discount.
  5. Verify that the discount has been successfully applied to your order total before completing the purchase.

This Ramadan, elevate your shopping experience with exclusive offers and discounts on Malaysia. From smartphones and TVs to home appliances and wearables, Samsung provides innovative solutions to enhance every aspect of your life. By leveraging Samsung coupon codes, you can unlock additional savings and enjoy the latest technology at unbeatable prices. Embrace the spirit of Ramadan with Samsung’s generosity and innovation, and make this festive season truly memorable.

Month of Ramadan and Shopping Ecstasy!

Ramadan is a holy month in the Islamic calendar, where Muslims fast during the day and break their fast at sunset. In Malaysia, Ramadan is celebrated with great enthusiasm and joy. The month-long celebration is also a great time for shopping and buying gifts for loved ones. Here are some ideas for celebrating Ramadan in Malaysia with shopping ecstasy:

  1. Visit Ramadan bazaars: During Ramadan, many cities in Malaysia host Ramadan bazaars where you can find a wide range of food, drinks, and traditional handicrafts. It’s a great place to experience the festive atmosphere and buy souvenirs.
  2. Buy traditional clothing: Ramadan is a great time to buy traditional clothing such as Baju Kurung, Baju Melayu, and Kebaya. These outfits are perfect for celebrating Hari Raya, which marks the end of Ramadan.
  3. Shop for decorations: Decorations such as lights, banners, and balloons are an essential part of Ramadan celebrations in Malaysia. You can find a wide variety of decorations at shopping malls and bazaars.
  4. Buy dates and other food items: Dates are an important food item during Ramadan, as they are traditionally used to break the fast. You can find a wide variety of dates at supermarkets and specialty stores. You can also buy other food items such as nuts, sweets, and drinks.
  5. Gift shopping: Ramadan is a great time to buy gifts for family and friends. You can find a wide range of gift items such as perfume, clothing, jewelry, and toys at shopping malls and bazaars.
  6. Participate in charity: Ramadan is also a time for giving and charity. You can donate to local charities or participate in fundraising activities at shopping malls and bazaars.

By celebrating Ramadan in Malaysia with shopping ecstasy, you can experience the festive atmosphere, buy traditional items, and give back to the community. It’s a great way to celebrate the holy month while enjoying the many shopping opportunities that Malaysia has to offer. Look for the best online shopping destinations and use Coupon Codes for best savings!

Ramadan Shopping at Your Fingertips


Ramadan is the best time of year! With all the interesting things, what is the best part of Ramadan? Shopping and exchanging gifts, indeed. But, is it possible to shop for gifts with the pandemic? And what about busy schedules, tight budgets, and viruses out there? Let’s celebrate Ramadan by staying at home and staying safe. Do not sweat it, we can fix all your problems. 

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Ramzan: Let’s Nourish the Seed of Good Deeds.

Ramzan is also known as RAMADAN.  The Ramadan is a holy month during which the Muslim around the world observes fast for the whole month. The fasting starts from an hour before daybreak till after sunset and during the day mean absence from food and water. The Word Ramadan in Arabic means extreme dryness and intolerable heat. The severe norms for fasting are enforced as a pathway for reaching the ultimate eternity.

Importance of Ramzan to Muslims:

Ramzan festival is very important time across the world because of the prevailing practices among the Islamic People. It is the month when the holy book that Muslims follow called ‘Quran’, the word of Allah for mankind was first revealed to the Prophet Muhammad. So during this month recitation of the Quran is also done. The whole month becomes auspicious with everybody observing the Roza and Namaz.

Celebration of Month of Ramzan:

The first day of Ramzan is started with the sighting of the astronomical new moon.  The Muslims observe the fast for a period that lasts for 29 to 30 days depending on the appearance of the full moon, the next month. The fasting during this period is called as “Roza”. The fasting is important during Ramadan as it allows Muslims to devote themselves to their faith and come closer to Allah or God. The five pillars of Islam which form the basis of how Muslims live their lives. The fasting is one of the pillars of Islam and other four pillars are faith, prayer, charity and making the pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca.

Ramzan is the month of self-introspection and self-restraint, penance and prayers. People fast for the whole day and take their meal before the sun rise called “Suhur” and then fast for the whole day without food and water. The roza is broken at the end of the day eating food or snacks known as “Iftaar” which everyone share with the family members, relatives and dear ones.  They offer prayer during the night and recite the 1/30th portion of the Quran so as to complete it by the end of Ramzan.

The last 10 days of Ramadan are more important because it was the period during which the revelation of the book of the prophet is completed. During this period the Muslims keep awake all night praying or listening to sermons by Ulema or the high priest.

Then Ramzan is the very important festival of Muslims. Everyone during this month they go for shopping and buy new clothes, gifts for the whole family, friends and loved ones as it is the festival of giving and sharing bother hood. Many people offer clothes and many things for charity on this day and many store and sites offer huge discounts and sales on this day. You can visit Zalora store for all the latest offers on this festival.


Eid-Ul-fitr is a very happy festival and is celebrated all over world among the Muslims. It is also called the “Festival of Breaking the Fast” which is celebrated at the end of Ramadan. The celebration lasts for up to three days and involves praying, feasting and giving gifts and charity. It is also very special for children’s who gets gifts and money called ‘Eidy’ after having joined the elders at mass prayers and paying respect to them.

Eid-Ul-Fitr brings a message of peace, friendship and brotherhood, and   is displayed by ‘Eid-Milan’ which means embracing and celebrating together. They invite friends, relatives and business axquaintances to their home for ‘Eid-Milan’ and serve lot of delicious festive foods including “Sewaiyaan” which is also known as ‘paisam’ in Southern India.

5 Tips for Creating a Festive Home this Ramadan


Ramadan is a significant time of the year for Muslim families during which they fast through sunrise and sunset. It is a gala festive time of the year and is a month full of joy and gratitude celebrated with your loved ones. The occasion is used for reflecting and finding compassion for those who have been less fortunate over the past year.


The holy month comes only once a year and now is your chance to embrace it and grab discounts on your Ramadan shopping essentials before the deal is gone. So, celebrate with your family the beauty of Ramadan and enjoy it in traditional ways by making your home feel cheerful and embraced in the festive mood, while your guests visit to celebrate the evening.


  1. Get your home ready for the festive mood


You can get into the festive spirit by decorating your home with Lazada Home Decor. Hang a sign that says “Ramadan Kareem” on the front door or wall of the living room to set a mood of this special occasion and welcome the guests to your home. Accessorize the dining place with colorful festive banners, lanterns, flowers, candles, etc., where you will ultimately enjoy the Eid meal.

2.Get the kids involved


Even if the kids do not fast with the rest of the family, they should actively take part during this special occasion. Engage them in creative ways. Ask them to help in decorating the home with crescent moons & stars banners and posters. They can make decorating items with craft materials or create their DIY special placemats that can be used during the Iftar time. Let the children keep a track of the days of the Eid with a countdown chart.


3. Share your blessings


You can cook some treats with your kids and pack them up to share with classmates, friends, your co-workers, relatives, neighbors and those who are less fortunate. Give off an Iftar dinner party and keep some extra treats on a platter for drop in guests

4. Light up your house


Lights are considered a traditional part of most of the festivals all round the world. Use pretty string lights along the stairs, handrails, window panes or doors. For a more dramatic presentation, put embellished lanterns with tea lights and decorative lamps throughout the house and staircase. You can make your own DIY lanterns/lamps with online tutorials.

 5. Create your own traditions


Gather your family and make everybody pen down at least one thing that they are thankful for during the Iftar, each night. You can also gift goodies, money or vouchers to the children before the feast begin, using Streetdeal coupon codes.

Things to Do During Ramadan in Malaysia


Starting from 15th May 2018, there’s going to be a month full of celebrations, prayers, feasts and fun until 14th June 2018. Yes, the holy month of Ramadan is soon approaching and here are your top things to do during Ramadan in Malaysia:

Feasting and Fasting

Did you know that eating or drinking in public in Malaysia is strictly restricted according to the Syariah Criminal Offences (Federal Territories) Act, 1997? But, that does not mean you cannot cook some sumptuous and mouth-watering delicacies back home! Also, this rule ain’t applicable everywhere and non-muslims can still explore the exotic cuisine of Malaysia like Lemak Cili Api, Ulam, Nasi kerabu, Pulut Panggang  and more at places and fiestas such as Bazaar Ramadan in Kuala Lumpur. Also do remember that, while many Chinese and Indian Restaurants will be open throughout the day, Muslim restaurants would generally be open only after 4 PM. Eateries and Food Courts at shopping malls will operate as usual.

There’s going to be huge rush to your favourite restaurants in Malaysia after 8 PM. So, it’s advisable that you pack or have your supper before 7 PM.

Shopping for a Traditional Wardrobe

The month of Ramadan is also the best time to shop in Malaysia for a traditional and SS18 inspired couture. The Hari Raya Sale on Lazada and Zalora this year will offer exclusive Zalora promo codes for some of the best Muslimah wear collections, Jubahs, Baju Kurong, Baju Kebaya, Kain Samping, dresses and wardrobe makeovers. Top fashion designers have recommended the following styles for SS18 – tulles, sheer, shades of lilac, pastels, mauves and yellows, shimmers, intricate embroideries and other detailed embellishments.

Hari Raya is celebrated in Malaysia to commemorate the sacrifices that were made by Prophet Mohammad. It is a great affair in Malaysia and is celebrated throughout the country. Some of the other things to do in Malaysia during the Hari Raya Season are: Exploring the bazaars of Geylang Serai for Hari Raya goodies, enjoying facial spa with weekend deals from Fave, plan a budget staycation with travel deals and more.