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Pasir Gudang World Kite festival: The most awaited event of the year in Malaysia.


The pasir Gudang World Kite Festival is one of the most prestigious and the biggest annual event in Johor, Malaysia which has been hosted continuously since 1995. This festival attracts hundreds of thousands visitors and kiting lovers from all over the world.

The festival is filled with domestic and international contest, demonstrations, spectacular ground displays and some of the most amazing kites one will ever see.

The five days festival will see the participation of hundreds kite enthusiasts with various shape, size and color of kites.

The Inaugural ceremony of the kite festival starts with the participant parade which presents all local and international guests. The International guests represent their countries with pride waving flags and thousands of spectators cheer. Then followed by the arrival of the HRH sultan of Johor, local Wau and international participant gets their chances to present their kite flying skills.

The festival has its own uniqueness and special attraction. The visitors and tourists are very much excited to witness the kite’s fraternity across all continents creativity and passion through their remarkable and colorful design of kite at Bukit Layang-Layang , Taman Bandar, Pasir Gudang, Johor, Malaysia.  This festival features the traditional Malaysian handmade art which is made from natural materials such as bamboo and paper. Most of the kites are of animation characters, animals and super heroes. So, kids feel so delighted.

During the festival, there are incredible number of stalls selling various goods, collectibles, snacks and food. Also the nights are made spectacular with cultural and modern performances to make stay of the visitors more enjoyable. There is also a Kite Museum to visit with in the festival site. It is really a great place to visit for Kite lovers. Visit places like this on special events using Malaysia Airlines Coupons


Thaipusam in Malaysia at 2020


Traveling is passion to many ardent tourists as their love to explore new places, new traditions, cultures, food, lifestyle, language, mannerisms etc are a wonderful memoirs to remember. Traveling is not just confined to self experiences but also can be shared through many social media mediums and enjoy the responses from people as well as the monetary benefits. This has become the only profession to many tourists which not only quenches their desire of traveling but is also helpful to them as well as their followers having said that, I would be interested to introduce a festival that is famous and important to Malaysians.

Thaipusam is one important festival of Malaysia amongst many other festivals. This is specially Tamil festival that commemorates the victory of Lord Muruga over the bad spirit Soorapadam. This festival is ostentatious at the famous Batu caves shrine around the full moon day for about 3 days. People flock from Kuala Lumpur in a procession with pomp and show. Millions march to the temple to seek Lord Muruga’s blessings as the deity is carried in on a silver chariot. The procession is topped by people chanting mantras and the drum beats all around; one gets to watch the passionate devotees carry Kavadis pierced to their body through metal spikes.

The festival is held in late January and early February at Batu Caves Selangor near the waterfall temple Penang. It is a feast to attend such festival in Malaysia as many locals and tourists love to witness the pompous rituals and traditions followed. Check out for the travel and hotel offers at Malaysia Airlines to enjoy your travel and stay with good discounts.

Engage Your Child To Play With Latest Toys


Have you ever seen kids who don’t love to play with toys and games? Every Kid loves toys. Toys are the most lovely fun for kids. Playing is the main part of child brain development. They attract and learn to interact with lights and bright colors of toys. Playing with toys will be a great benefit to a child to release the extra energy and the child begins to learn. Now a day’s plays schools are running with this technique.

They make the child play with toys and games. So, that they can interact with it and find new colors and shapes. Educational toys can help children learn many different skills like sharing with other kids, Problem-solving skills, and the development of their creativity and imagination.

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It provides your child to play with a toy which is something creative.  So, that they can develop their mental capabilities and encourage to interact. Wide ranges of product are available at Shopdisney like Action Figures, Bath Toys, Cars, Trains, and RC toys, Dolls, Games and Puzzles, Learning Toys, LEGO, Play Sets, Plush and Stuffed Animals, Pretend Play, Sports and Outdoors toys and many more.

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Go for these 8 ways to keep your kids occupied during travel as well !

7 Best Weekend Beach Getaways in Malaysia


Malaysia offers a huge variety of options for a weekend beach getaway. If you are overwhelmed and extremely stressed by your daily schedule, well here are is the cue for a weekend getaway to rejuvenate your overworked soul so that you can get back to your work all motivated again on Monday.


  1. Perhentian

This hippie hideaway is 21km off the Terengganu coast. The coral fringed clean waters cater a wonderful option for scuba diving and snorkeling. You can even spot few wandering fire artists near the beach bars in the evening. From high-end Malaysia holiday lodgings to the Budget friendly lookup, find the best resorts and hotels using Hotel Club Coupon codes.

2.Rawa Island Beach

It is a small island 16 km off the Malaysia’s east coast peninsula and is Johor Sultanate’s private Island. Having only two beach resorts, one being owned by the Sultan’s family, it is perfect for travellers looking for a more secluded getaway. Rawa is known for its turquoise water and white sand.

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3. Layang-Layang

Also known as ‘The Jewel of the Borneo Banks’, it is one of the best beaches of Malaysia. It is famous for deep sea diving, scuba diving, Paragliding and sailing. Little more than a coral reef with a runway, this tiny island’s isolated ambiance and remarkable marine life, makes Layang-Layang one of the best dive sites of Asia.

4. Sipadan Island, Sabah

It is a legend among hard-core divers and is considered a privilege to catch a sight of the diverse habitat here. It is so popular that the number of visitors has been restricted to just 100 per day. As you are not allowed to stay on Sipadan itself, book your stay near the Resorts built on stilts over the water with hotels coupon codes.

6. Pangkor Island

It is one of the most popular beach escapes for a calming and a relaxating experience which is only a 3 hour drive away from the city of Kuala Lumpur. You can tour the island with boat or ride along the waters with a bike. You’ll find a mesmerising nightlife, uncrowded sandy beaches and a wide variety of local cuisine on this amazing island.

7. Redang Archipelago

Consisting of 9 islands forming a marine park, it is an upmarket destination. With magnificently preserved corals, diving and snorkeling adventures and crystal clear water this can be your next luxurious getaway.

8. Tioman Island

The clear turquoise waters make it a popular destination for those interested in scuba diving, snorkeling and Freediving. You can even go for golfing at the Golf Club. There are protected nature reserves surrounding the island and the waters, which help in retaining the exotic mystique of this island.

Top Nearby Staycation Ideas 2018


A long and a tiring mundane routine during the week can mentally drain us. A relaxing nearby weekend getaway will help you to stay pumped for the weeks ahead!


Withina two-hour drive from the city of Kuala Lumpur, you can literally find dozens of amazing and thrilling staycation ideas.Staycation Retreats not only helps you to save money on your flight tickets, but you can also book the best hotels and resorts in prior for a hassle free  trip using exclusive nearby coupon codes.

  1. Glamping Retreat

 The chalets in SekepingSerendah at Selangor, offers a captivating stay for you and your friends this summer season.It’s fun to use nature-inspired Barbeque pits that are available here where you can cook your own meals and enjoy a raw jungle vibe. You can select any of the chalets: glass shed, timber shed, and warehouse, mud shed and glass box. It is ideal for a group getaway and the largest chalet can accommodate upto 14 people.

2. Adeline Villa & Rest House, Goreng

 This limestone rich state of Perak is a perfect place for nature lovers and for those looking for some extreme adventure. The activities here include Kayaking, guided Rafflesia trail walk, flying fox, ATV ride through waterfall trail, Caving in GuaTempurung, wet abseiling and river boarding. You can plan your stay and book a package through Expedia with travel coupons.

3. The Dusun, Seremban, Negeri Sembilan

 You can choose from 5 uniquely themed houses, i.e. 4 wooden Malay-styled and one modern Japanese-styled villa at The Dusun. It has two shared infinity pools across serene rainforest view. Here, you can trek to the nearby waterfall, visit a local reindeer park, get a massage, participate in photography workshop, hold your own barbecue party and go for a guided bird discovery walk as well! Book using Oyo rooms coupons

4. Awanmulan, Seremban

 It is a small collection of individual houses and is perfect for families and large groups. Each house has kitchen, so, you can choose to cook your own meals as it is fully equipped. You can take a leisurely stroll by the river, hike to short cascading waterfalls through the jungle. Rooms are available strictly by reservation.

5. Enderong Resort at Tanarimba, JandaBaik Pahang

Located next to a natural trail, it is apt for a large group getaway as it has an Annex hall to host your get-togethers. It offers guided jungle trek and also helps in hosting a thrilling mini archery tournament.

6. Casabrina, Pahang

It is a posh and an extravagant retreat with two wooden furnished Villas that are fully equipped with all the modern amenities. You can enjoy Melaleuca spa, Rafflesia jungle trek, Kuala Lipis Heritage visit, and white water rafting, golf & paintball session and elephant & deer sanctuary excursion at this amazing place.

Best Summer Beaches to Visit to Beat the Heat


Planning for that ultimate Beach vacation to spend on this summer season with your friends and family? Here are the top favourite beaches to visit near Malaysia to escape the heat and feel rejuvenated:

  1. Perhentian Islands

A backpacker’s trail, the Perhentian Island is worth the visit if you love adventure and finding out ways to get close to the nature. The nearest airport to reach the island is Kota Bharu from where you can take a taxi and reach the port town of Kuala Besut. Some of the iconic things to witness on the island are: beach bar sets ups, fire art on the beaches, diverse aquatic life, water sports and more.

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  1. Tioman Islands

Tioman has to offer a boutique of experience over the nature’s exotic mystique, tourist trails and dramatic topography. You can reach Tioman with a boat ride from Mersing (in Johor Town) and alternatively, you can also use the services of Berjaya Airways to fly from Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. The island is named as the ‘world’s most beautiful islands’ by the Time Magazine in 1970.

Malaysia, Pahang, Pulau Tioman (Tioman Island), Salang Bay, Salang Village (Kampung Salang)

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  1. Redang Island

Well, if you aren’t worrying about the budget much, then you can lavishly spend few nights at Redang to enjoy that ultimate beach escape experience. The population on the island is fairly low and this makes it a perfect choice for those who are looking for isolation and peace. Redang is also well known for turtle sanctuary and snorkelling. You can visit Redang by booking a flight with Berjaya Air from Kuala Lumpur’s Subang Airport.

  1. Pangkor Island

If you aren’t looking to visit somewhere too far from the Kuala Lumpur city for a beach staycation, then Pangkor Island should be the perfect choice for a weekend escape. The luxurious hotels at the Pangkor Island are truly worth the experience and the place is a nice escape from the hustle bustle of the city in these summer months.

Some of the top activities to do on the Pangkor Pulau are: Snorkelling, Water sport activities for your family and friends, exploring the Mystic Chinese and Hindu temples, jungle trekking and more.

Tips to Beat the Heat in Malaysia


The summers have arrived and the scorching heat and the drenching sweat are going to get us tired, yet once again. To stay fresh as ever and instead celebrate this intolerable heat, here are some of the best tips to beat the heat in Malaysia:

  1. Beauty Products to Stay Cool and Sun Safe

Aloe Vera, Tomato, Lemongrass and other essential oils infused ingredients in beauty formulations are some of the best picks to stay cool in this summer season. Top summer beauty picks for 2018 on Althea are:

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  • Nature Republic Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel Mist for RM 16 (40% off)
  • The Faceshop Bamboo Soothing Gel for RM 22 (16% off)
  • Moremo Dear My Skin Quick Soothing Mask Pack for RM 10 and more.2.  Staying in Vogue

Picking airy and 100% cottony clothes is a prerequisite to staying cool this summer season. Asos is out with its latest nature and summer inspired SS18 collection. The latest vogue speaks of leathers looks, jackets, polka prints, high waist, ruffles, fancy florals, printed denims, boots and more. Some of our favourite picks from the latest designer wear collection at Asos are: Denim Western Jackets in Indigo, Studded Leather Look Jackets, Shirt with Polka Dots, Mini Skirt in Hounstooth check, Denim Skirt with Fringed Hem, Ruffled Maxi Dress and more.

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  1. A Sweet Escape to the Beaches

If the heat is getting too intolerable, then we recommend you to take the weekend off and plan out for a budget staycation with exclusive 30% off Expedia coupon codes and save money on your flight and hotel bookings. Some of the best places to spend a budget friendly staycation around Malaysia are:

  • Kota Bharu in the beautiful Perhentian Islands located near the Thailand border.
  • Melaka with its rich architecture, cuisine, culture and heritage.
  • Cameron Highlands in the Titiwangsa Mountains.
  • Kota Kinabalu and its tropical islands, memorials, observatory and r
  • Penang Island and the historic Georgetown.

Langkawi Islands for its picturesque landscape, forest clad mountains, mangroves, rainforest and more.

Things to Do in Malaysia in December


With Christmas and New Year being a fortnight away, it’s time to plan a grand celebration on this holiday. To have a thrilling year ending, here are the top things to do in Malaysia in December:

National Ice Cream Day Celebrations

Fave is celebrating National Ice Cream Day from 12th – 17th of December and if you are an ice cream lover you really cannot afford to miss your favourite flavours from a range of frozen desserts like gelato cups, frozen yoghurt, soft serve, waffle ice creams, moon cakes and more. Get 10% off on your favourite ice creams using Fave promo codes at popular restaurants and ice cream stations in Malaysia like Gelatamio, redNose, Bangsar and Lecka- Lecka.

Trioka Sky Dining and Skybar

If you want to get a complete view of the massive fireworks of the Malaysian skyline, then the rooftop ambiance of the Trioka Sky Dining and Skybar will make your New Year extra special. Away from the crowd at places such as the KLCC Park, you can enjoy the view alongside a beautiful ambiance, live music, relishing food, beverages and gourmet and more.

Location: Level 23A, Tower B, The Trioka, 19 Persiaren KLCC, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Changkat Bukit Bintang

If you want to witness the real night life of the streets of Malaysia, then we advise you to take a stroll through the crazy lanes of the Changkat Bukit Bintang on this New Year. The lane is filled with live performing artists doing hip hop, jazz, R&B, house and more. It’s a street full of raging nightlife, especially on the occasion of New Year Eve. Besides, don’t forget to shop at the Pavilion when you choose to spend your New Year at the Changtat Bukit Bintang.

Location: Changkat Bukit Bintang, Bukit Bintang, Wilayeh Persekutuan, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Christmas Eve Gala Buffet Dinner

A Christmas Eve celebration is incomplete with a perfect Christmas Dinner and a glass of wine. With Fave deals, you can now get up to 30% off on popular Christmas Buffets. Top Christmas Buffet picks of the month are:

  • Christmas Eve Gala Buffet Dinner at The Royale Ballroom, Royale Chulan Bukit Bintang for RM 89 with Fave promocodes.
  • Christmas Eve and Christmas Dinner at Empire Hotel Subang, Kitchen Art Brassieres for RM 68.
  • Christmas Eve Dinner at Spices @Furama, Bukit Bintang for RM 88 and more.


Celebrating Christmas Beach Holiday

Christmas is one of the most happening festive events for the people of Malaysia. So, if the weather and the charm of the south- east beaches attract you then here are some of the best beach destinations around Malaysia where you can celebrate Christmas Vacations at its best.

  1. Langkawi

You are obviously going to face some rush on the beaches from Christmas to New Year 2016. But, if you plan to explore the island of Langkawi instead, then you are sure to experience the real beach fun, all in a convenient way. There are three pristine beaches of Langkawi to celebrate Christmas – the Batai Bay, Tanjung Rhu and Pantai Cenang.

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Things to Do in Langkawi

  • Exploring Sky Bridge, Eagle Square and Cocktail Lounges
  • Wandering across some offshore islets like Pulau Singa Besar, Pulau Marine National Park and Pulau Dayang Bunting and others.
  • Sightseeing at Datarang Lang
  • Experiencing the Oriental Village and more.

Some of the best budget hotels in Langkawi are Colourful Motel Pantai Cenang, Scarborough, and Western Langkawi Resort & Spa and more – here you can redeem discounts of 31% and more with Expedia coupons.

  1. Penang

What can be better on a Christmas Eve than to experience the fusion of the East and the West on the shores of Penang? Penang beholds a beautiful mirage of multi-faceted culture and is a one stop destination for relaxation seekers, adventurers, party animals, foodies and art admirers. In short, Penang is surely a bumper New Year Party Destination 2016.

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Things to do in Penang – Shopping at Gurney Drive, Hiking and Camping at Penang National Park, Checking out the views from the Rooftop Bar, Exploring Batu Ferringhi Night Bazaar and Kek Lok Sii Temple, Sunset Cruising and more.

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  1. Pulau Redang

expedia-malaysia coupons

Palau Redang is one of the largest islands of Malaysia that is not only one of the most spectacular and clean stretch of land, but it’s also an ultimate vacation destination for those who want to spend the Christmas Week in a simple, but an elegant way.

Things to do in Palau Redang – Scuba Diving, Kayaking, Water Skiing  and Snorkelling at Pasir Panjang, Shopping at Redang Bay Resort, Seafood Dining at Redang Laguna Food Court and Sandfly Café and more.

Redang Pelangi Resort, Redang Lagoon Chalet, Redang Bay Resort, The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort and Coral Redang Island Resort are some of the best places to find accommodations in Palau Redang. Book your hotels now with Expedia, using Christmas Vacation Special Expedia coupon codes.

4 Best places to travel near Malaysia

No doubt that Malaysia is an awe-inspiring tourist destination that attracts millions of visitors every year. But for the people of Malaysia who have already rejoiced the serenity and the calmness of Malaysia, here is the list of the most spectacular nearby destinations that Malaysians would be planning to spend their next vacation at:

  1. Singapore


Just a few steps away from Malaysia, this city has a number of mind boggling things to do. Apart from the breathtaking views and numerous opportunities for sightseeing, Singapore is also a top pick for gastronomic and shopping cravers. Popular destinations: Marina Bay, Raffles Hotel, Clarke Quay, Chinatown, Singapore Flyer, Gardens of the Bay and more.

  1. Indonesia


Tourists from all over the world visit Indonesia to watch the mesmerizing view of the coral reefs and volcano at Lombok, travel to the ancient past and experience a vivid culture at Yogyakarta and Ubudetc… Popular destinations: Bali, Jakarta, Bandung, Bintan Island, Batam, Medan, Surabaya, Kuta and more.

  1. Cambodia


The beautiful country possesses the treasures of stunning landscape and some world famous ancient temples, like the Angkor Vat. Nevertheless, the land is also known for beaches, islands, nightlife, waterfalls, casinos, Buddhism, elephants and more. Popular destinations: Siem Reap, Phnom Penh, Battambang, Bokor Hill Station, Angkor National Park and Museum and more.

  1. Auckland


If you want to entirely get free of the Malaysian crowd and set in the mood of an entirely different culture, Auckland in New Zealand can be your next secret vacation hideout. Auckland bestows on you a subtle experience of Panoramic City Views, bungee jumping, underwater marine exploration, amusement parks and others. Popular destinations: Sky Tower, Waiheke Island, Kelly Tarlton’s Sea Life Aquarium, Waitemata harbour, Rainbow’s End and more

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