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Fashion and Beauty Festival at Shopee to Save Big

Fashion and beauty are closely intertwined and often go hand in hand. Both fashion and beauty are forms of self-expression and can be used to enhance one’s appearance, boost self-confidence, and reflect personal style. Here’s how fashion and beauty resonate with each other:

  1. Style and Aesthetics: Fashion and beauty share a common focus on aesthetics. They both involve the use of colors, textures, patterns, and designs to create visually appealing looks. Whether it’s selecting a stylish outfit or applying makeup, both fashion and beauty rely on the principles of aesthetics to create a desired visual impact.
  2. Self-Expression: Fashion and beauty are powerful tools for self-expression. They allow individuals to communicate their personality, creativity, and individuality to the world. The clothes we wear and the way we style ourselves can convey messages about our tastes, preferences, and values. Fashion and beauty provide an outlet for self-discovery and self-presentation.
  3. Confidence and Empowerment: Both fashion and beauty have the potential to boost confidence and empower individuals. When we feel good about our appearance, it positively affects our self-esteem and how we carry ourselves. Fashionable clothing and well-executed beauty routines can make us feel more put together, attractive, and ready to take on the world.
  4. Trends and Innovation: Fashion and beauty are industries that are constantly evolving and setting new trends. They influence and inspire each other. Fashion trends often drive beauty trends, and vice versa. For example, the makeup and hairstyles seen on fashion runways often shape the beauty looks that become popular. The two industries feed off each other’s creativity and push boundaries to bring fresh and innovative ideas to consumers.
  5. Personal Care and Wellness: Beauty encompasses not only cosmetics but also skincare, haircare, and overall personal grooming. These practices promote self-care and well-being, which are integral to feeling good and looking good. Similarly, fashion can be a form of self-care, as dressing up and paying attention to personal style can have a positive impact on one’s mood and mental state.
  6. Cultural and Social Influences: Fashion and beauty are influenced by cultural, societal, and historical factors. They reflect the trends, values, and norms of a particular time and place. Fashion and beauty can be influenced by cultural traditions, subcultures, social movements, and individual identities. They provide a platform for self-expression and exploration of diverse perspectives.

In summary, fashion and beauty are closely linked aspects of personal style and self-expression. They intersect through aesthetics, self-confidence, trends, personal care, cultural influences, and more. Together, they create a dynamic and ever-evolving landscape for individuals to showcase their creativity and enhance their appearance. Check out this fashion and beauty festival been conducted at Shopee and go for Shopee Coupons for the best discounts.

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Beauty Products at Zalora for Best Prices

Accomplishing the glass skin look needs in excess of a healthy skin routine. A solid and adjusted way of life is an essential for the best appearance of your skin without cosmetics.

Ways of getting glass skin:

1. Load up on sound fats

While you should be attempting to eliminate your fat utilization, forgetting about on wellsprings of good fat is anything but really smart! Eating food wealthy in poly and monounsaturated fats can make your skin flexible and hydrated. The solid fat aides our skin obstruction to further develop hence, giving that gleaming glass skin appearance. Incorporate food things like eggs, fish, nuts and avocados in your eating regimen.

2. Eat more products of the soil

That being said multiple times, you should attempt to up your utilization of new products of the soil assuming you truly love your skin. Leafy foods green veggies are wealthy in cell reinforcements that help your body adapt up to oxidative pressure. They additionally make your skin insusceptible to free revolutionaries. Next time you go shopping for food, top off your truck with new organic products like oranges, grapes and vegetables like spinach and kale.

3. Hydrate like a pruned plant

The most upheld tip for an unmistakable skin by mothers and even VIPs is to drink a lot of water. All things considered, it truly helps assuming you wish to accomplish glass skin. It detoxifies your body, yet in addition fights off dry, skin break out inclined and finished skin. Water keeps your skin hydrated, revived and keeps up with flexibility. In the event that you hydrate yourself well, your skin will in general mend the scars and minor cuts and consumes better. Drinking water may likewise assist with postponing the indications of maturing. Here is your sign to taste on a glass of water as you read on!

The final word

In any case, regardless of how severely we need our skin to act, it breaks out, stays finished and looks blurred once in a while. All things considered, skin should look like skin-a defensive layer on your body! Try not to succumb to the modified photographs you see via web-based media and contrast your skin and it. Continuously recall, magnificence is close to home. You can characterize it as you like.

Following a decent skincare schedule, drinking sufficient water, applying sunscreen and eating a nutritious eating routine is demonstrated to work ponders on your skin!

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Big Beauty Sale to Bag this Season @Zalora


Women and beauty are two words that often heard together; undoubtedly this is because of the very nature of women always being referred beautiful. Women decorate themselves with many accessories and it is quite obvious that every woman loves to look beautiful; because of which they are number of companies that have come up with wonderful women related fabrics, cosmetics, foot wear, bags and many other accessories. Having said that, I would love to take you on a tour of beauty today!

Zalora is no new name heard, just like women and beauty this very word is synonymy to women’s beauty accessories. There is a wonderful offer put up this season on beauty products.

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  • Anti-aging packs to bounce back the youthful you of top brands on sale
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  • Anti – acne power house for a clear glowing skin related products includes this sale.
  • Freshen up with the best bath & body faves from RM20
  • Look out for featured brands like Nars, Paula’s choice skin care, Laura Mercier, Laneige, benefit, the body shop and more.

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Shop Gifts at Great Discounts this Valentine’s Day

I simply prefer to associate with young ladies and have no folks here, said Margaret, 25, an understudy at New York Law School in Manhattan who brought two graduate school sweethearts along this past Sunday. I feel like you can take pictures and drink and eat and dance, and they’re not going to pass judgment on you.

In any case, as more ladies receive Galentine’s as a yearly custom — without a doubt helped by the accessibility of “Parks and Recreation” through streaming — organizations are trading in for money.

Shopee presently offers Galentine’s knickknacks and welcome cards — Hey woman, one peruses, How are you so marvelous? Gathering City sells glittery Galentine’s inflatables and flags, alongside fries not folks paper cups. On Etsy, carefully assembled Galentine’s specialties flourish, including cards, inflatables, catches, barrettes and molded confetti. just use Shopee Coupons to grab good discounts.

Bars, bistros, stores and wellness studios are additionally facilitating their own Galentine’s advancements and occasions.

Such a unimaginable in America for anything to enter the way of life and afterward not be commodified, you know? said Michael Schur, the maker and a leader maker of Parks and Recreation. I wish it weren’t being utilized the way it’s utilized now and then, however I’m glad that it’s being utilized at all since that implies that it inspired an emotional response from individuals.

Mr. Schur originally saw the augmentation of Galentine’s Day years back, with promotions on Twitter and signs around Los Angeles offering clients free Galentine’s margaritas to pay tribute to the informal occasion.

Whenever anything you compose kind of enters this different culture that we’re in and gets on and kind of is repeated back to you, that is superb, he said. In any case, it likewise was odd to see it kind of twisted a smidgen and changed over into this thing that is being utilized by brands and sites and companies to have a deal on whatever it is they’re peddling. Since clearly, that wasn’t its purpose. Make use of Pomelo Coupons to grab good discounts this season!

Althea the Korean cosmetic world


Althea the Korean beauty(K-Beauty) has been the No.1 digital destination for all things K-beauty- Shopping, Lifestyles & Trends, ever since it started of its journey of e-commerce in June, 2015, it carved niche globally becoming a platform that has gained millions of users hearts providing quality service.

Althea ships the best products from the vast range of cosmetics made in Korea to over 200 countries including the US, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and Taiwan. This digital beauty brand caters in small batches to local community and slowly improves depending on the customers review. This very experiment gained users trust in going after Althea brands without hesitation.

Althea appeared in a local talk show Fresh Brew to showcase Malaysian life style, trying out a natural look on a random face selected. The makeup artist used various Althea products starting off with Althea’s Petal Velvet Sunway that is a base, to elevate the skin texture and went in with the Meringue Puff and flawless creamy concealer to wipe away dark circles and tan. The rest is done with the petal velvet powder that prevents makeup sliding around.

Now for the eyes, sunrise and moonrise eye shadow palette made with Bunga Citra Lestari to create a mix of burgundy; matched the lips with maroon cream to challenge with watercolor cream tint giving a blushed finish.

Place an order for such products using Althea Coupon Codes and get good discounts this season! As the year is coming to an end, welcome this New Year with a new makeover look.

Time and again depending on the season and climatic issues Althea caters its products with wide range of sales and deals contests, free gifts, draws and more to have a better awareness of the quality of services provided by Althea!



K-Beauty Festival on Althea- Get the Top Brand Beauty Products with Up to 30% Off


What is your favorite beauty product for skincare?  Some of the world’s most demanding beauty product is the Korean Beauty Products. These Korean products are solution for all of your skin care problems. Whether it is acne, aging, tanning, scars or any other skincare problem, Korean beauty range products fight them all and the result is glowing smooth skin.

Althea-Malaysia is the online destination for all Korean products. It offers wide range and categories of Korean products for skincare, makeup and beauty.  It provides you with the genuine Korean items for beauty care all at affordable prices. The Althea Malaysia brings all the latest trends of the Korean beauty products which do not involve any middlemen and therefore the products are reasonable and competitive when compared to the other retailers in the beauty market.

Althea K-Beauty Festival is the best opportunity to buy all these Korean beauty essentials including skincare, makeup, hair care, body care, bestsellers, new arrivals and branded products. Althea K-Beauty Festival is offering Up to 30% Off on Skin Care Products from the top brand including A’BLOOM, Keep Cool, MEALDADE, ABILL and many more of your favorite Korean Brands.

Visit the Althea Store now and make use of  Althea Coupons to avail these wonderful offers on your favorite Korean brand products. Some of the special offers are here- Up to 60% Off on Clearance Sale, Up to 30% Off on Anti-aging and Revitalizing skincare, also up to 10% Off on Minimal Skincare Selection, 20% Off on 10~second mask and many more. Shop now and avail these amazing offers on K-Beauty Festival only on Althea Malaysia all at unbeatable prices.

Create Your Own Style with Sephora – Get Up to 50% Off on Cosmetics


Now-a-days when beauty is one of the most important part of our life, everyone is striving to improve one’s physical appearance almost with any method and products. Especially women choose to fight skin and ageing problems with whatever they can afford such as herbal dietary supplements, gels, creams, seaweed, mud, soap, massagers, skin patches and many more. These cosmetics helped all the women’s to look good and feel confident on their appearance.

Sephora is one such online store that offers you with all the top brand cosmetics. Sephora provides wide range of product categories including skin care, make up, fragrance, body and hair care as well as its own private label. Today, Sephora provides all the luxury brand products and therefore has a powerful beauty presence in countries around the world.

Sephora operates in over 1,900 stores and 29 countries across Australia, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and India. It offers its wide range of products from the international brands that include Dear Dahlia, Viseart, RMS Beauty, Sigma Beauty, Velour Lashes, Ciate London, Mount Lai, Verb and many more.

Visit the Online Sephora store and shop for all your beauty requirements such as makeup, skincare, hair, tools & brushes, bath & body, fragrances, nail color, cosmetics gifts and many more at best prices. It is offering Up to 50% Off on cosmetics providing you with the best quality products and the latest trend collections to fit your beauty routine.

Shop easily for your dream makeup collection full of must have basics like collagen, serums, liquid eye and volumizing mascara. Make use of Sephora Coupons and get huge discounts on these best deals such as Mesh Makeup pouch with min spend of RM210 on brand, 3pc gift with min spend of RM80 on brand and Up to 20% Off on Stocking Stuffers. It also offers you free samples, home delivery, simple returns and gift cards to share beauty with your loved ones.

Diet and Nutrition Tips for Women


If you thought that skipping away meals or an insane fitness regime can help you stay fit and live longer, you maybe wrong! We as women have specific nutritional needs that vary according to our age. Here is some diet and nutrition tips for women that actually work and help you enjoy a peaceful, tension free, light life.

Food is the Cornerstone

No doubt, eating right is the cornerstone of any fitness regime. And, for women, a balanced diet with an appropriate amount of biotin, folate and folic acid, iron, calcium and other vitamins, are an absolute essential to maintain a healthy body weight, get rid of excess body fat and keep bone and heart diseases out of reach.

To keep pace with your busy life make sure you add a rich-amount of healthy carbs in your diet that are obtained from sources such as brown rice, whole wheat, quinoa, chia seeds or oats. Adding fresh fruits like pomegranate, apple, papaya, watermelon, grapes, plums and peaches to your everyday morning breakfast, keeps the vitamins and minerals levels in your body in-sync. Its best to have small meals after every 2-3 hours and adding fruits and healthy nuts and seeds such as pumpkin seeds, walnuts, almonds or flax seeds during these breaks would help regulate your hormones and stop the IBS symptoms (gas, diarrhoea, bloating and constipation) you had been experiencing since years.

Cut down on processed foods

Today, we all know that processed and packaged foods aren’t good for anyone. But, this especially stands true for women who are below the menopausal age. Certain ingredients in processed, canned, packaged fruits or even dairy and fruit juices are loaded with xenoestrogens and artificial colours and synthetics that are known to play with your hormonal balance. We as women, very well know that how a disrupted hormone can bring changes in our body within just a few weeks. If you are a meat eater, its best to have locally, farm grown poultry and lean meat, rather than picking those frozen alternatives from the grocery store shelves.

Light Workout

If you are within your BMI range, its best to practice a healthy and a light workout routine that will help you to activate your immunity and cut down on excess fats. Yoga, Pilates and Brisk Morning Walks are some of the best options for those with a busy schedule. If nothing is motivating you to get out of the bed to conquer your fitness goals, then a new workout gear may help you to get that added dash to shape up for that perfect body you have always craved for.

Stay Stress Free

The power of mind and will power is even known to cure some of the deadliest disease. Miracles do happen when you have a positive note towards life and learn how to live stress free. Amidst the greatest chaos of your life, work pressure, family responsibilities and everything else, take time to talk to yourself and your loved ones to stay motivated. Going away for an occasional staycation, investing time on your favourite leisure activity and chilling out with your friends, at least once a month, is what it takes to release those feel good hormones in your body and balance out every evil!

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Mother’s Day 2018 – Planning out a Day Full of Leisure and Relaxation


Are you still thinking about how to plan for that perfect’s mother day weekend? Here’s what you need to do on this mother’s day to make her remember this day forever:

  1. Plan out a Spa Treatment

Your mom has been busy since years taking care of you and your family without being able to take out much time for her own self. Therefore, it’s now your responsibility to gift her at least a day full of relaxation with luxury spa treatment.

A Thai Aromatherapy and a Foot Massage are some of the trending massage activities to do in Singapore which helps o rejuvenate your mind and satisfy your body and soul. Foot reflexology accompanied with spa treatment helps to promote relaxation, improve blood circulation, relive muscle aches and make your mom feel good!

Some of the best spa treatments in Kuala Lumpur are done at: Healthland (Renaissance Hotel), Celmonze the Signature, Embun Say Spa and Babor Premium Beauty Spa.

  1. Take her to a Beach Staycation

What can be a better retreat for your mother than bringing her close to the nature! May is the perfect month to beat the heat and plan out a staycation with your mom and family on this Mother’s Day. Some of the best beaches to visit this summer season are: Langkawi, Redang Island, Tioman Island, Perhentian Islands and Penang Island.

While booking hotels and planning the entire itinerary, we suggest you to book your hotel rooms with Oyo to get attractive discounts and hotel luxuries at a very affordable price.

  1. A Healthy Retreat

If your mom isn’t practicing healthy eating and fitness habits, then it becomes your responsibility to get her engrossed in a healthy lifestyle. Two very popular exercising habits that your mom would love to inculcate in her are – Yoga and Pilates.

Hot Yoga Classes, Zumba, Piloxing and the gate to the fun filled and high intensity kickboxing classes can be grabbed at a discounted rate with Fave coupon codes. Some of the best trainers and yoga centres in Malaysia are – Aravind Yoga Studio, YogaonethatIwant, Yoga Hive and Under the Light Yoga Studio.