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The Frosty Look

Christmas is long gone, but, the party isn’t over yet. Make this New Year 2017’s Eve Party extra ravishing with these latest celebrity inspired range of unparalleled collections from Althea:

  1. Raunchy Metallic Eye


This is the season of getting bold and raging with the all new range of metallic cosmetics available on Althea. For this look, you would require using a deep blue cream eye shadow as your base. This could be followed up with a bright blue plus grey shadow. Use black eye liner to highlight your eyes and you can finally finish the look with a metallic silver shadow at the inner corners to spice things up.

Key Products to purchase: COC Momo Waterproof Gel Eyeliner (66% discount at Althea), Too Cool for School (TCS) Glam Rock Urban Shadow Glitter Type and Shimmer Type (55% off).

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  1. The Intense Monochrome


The classic vintage look – Monochrome make up is expected to be the trendsetter of 2017. The look needs you to pick up the same tones – be it for blush, lip colour, eye shadow or nail colour.

Key Products to purchase: TCS Glam Rock Urban Shadow Matte Type, Witch’s Pouch POPO Lipstick and Missha Soft Blending Stick Blusher – all at discounts up to 60% off.

  1. Glossy Lips


Few years back, this was a huge hit in Malaysia. However, mattes have become the current favourite. If you are a regular fashion follower, then you must already be aware that 2017 is the year of gloss. Just some simple nude primers and BBs, Smoky eyes and a dramatic lip gloss colour – will create all that luscious magic.

Key Products to purchase: the SAEM Eco Soul Kiss Button Lips at 25% off on Althea.

  1. The Frosty Look


It’s getting cold and your look must speak up the same. Ask Mariah Carey and she would say – ‘least makeup and perfect eyes’ is the in-trend New Year Party Make up theme that looks ultra- classic. Use a lightweight foundation, a simple tinted lip balm and long lashes with smoky eyes to complete the look.

Key Products to purchase: Witch’s Pouch POPO Gloss Stick Tint Balm, Royal Gold 24K Foundation, Witch’s Pouch The Choutte Essence Fill Stick Balm Foundation at 67% off and more from Althea.

How to dress up for a party like a celebrity?

Did your eyes popped up over that dress which Angelina wore at the red carpet? Dressing up like a celebrity does not always require you to be rich and beautiful, what it truly requires is ultra- smart brain work. Here are the five essential tips that will help you to dress up for a party like a celebrity:

  1. The laid- back look

the-laid-back-lookBe yourself – that’s what most celebrities boast out through their outfits. Just like Kristen Stewart, a simple tee and jeans with boots and jacket can create that deadly teen- party look. With this look, you can be assured of both comfort and style. The look is best suitable for night/ pub parties, friend/ family get-together and casual birthday parties.

  1. Accessories speaks it all

accessories-speaks-it-allWhether it is Johnny Depp or Brad Pitt- no celebrity look is complete without a pair of dashing sunglasses. Agree? Whatever you wear (except for wedding parties), some of these accessories are a must have in your party essentials wardrobe list – sunglasses, boots, wrist watch, loud finger rings and earrings and of course a matching clutch or wallet to hold all your touch up stuff for the party.

  1. Flaunt your curves

flaunt-your-curvesIt’s considered quite unethical to show off your curves at the workplace – so, why miss even a single chance of showing off your hard earned curves at an informal party! Just like the perfect curves of Beyoncé, you can easily create this style by putting on a Bodycon dress or perhaps a gown, for all grand occasions. Match it up with a choker and a pair of stilettoes to complete the look.

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  1. Style your hair

style-your-hairWhether you keep that messy look or give it perfection with curls and waves- doing the right hair that compliments your dress is of prime importance. If it is a wedding ceremony you should prefer making buns that can suitably compliment your gown and if you are intending to give a cool look at the bachelorette party, then let your open natural hair do the talking!

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6 Indispensible Essentials for Motherhood and New Born

The joy of conceiving a child and the dream of becoming a parent is unexplainable in words. But, besides the pride, motherhood is a gargantuan responsibility that can sometimes become too hard and tiresome. Here are 6 Indispensible shopping essentials for motherhood and the new born that would make all coming days apparently- super easy:


  1. Nursing Bras

From now on, it’s never going to be the same! Often an overlooked essential- nursing and maternity bra is one of the most important essentials during motherhood. Invest in a good quality maternity bra that should be essentially wire free, have 2-way detachable strap and made of moisture wicking fibre.

  1. Maternity clothing

You can always save on buying these temporary clothes, while showcasing the joy of your slowly growing bump. From the first trimester to the last trimester, clothing like slip on, one piece dresses and tunics, boho blouses, long cardigans, pyjamas, and soft leggings – should be your wardrobe essentials.


  1. Happy feet

Of course, say bye to your heels for the next few years! From the day you get the good news, it’s obviously essentially to wear only flat heels and canvasses that will not only keep your whole body be relaxed all day, but, will also keep your baby healthy and most importantly, ‘safe’. Avoid tripping!

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  1. Bedding

Once the new born has arrived on earth, the first thing it will look for is a place to sleep! Whether it’s a bassinet, crib or a playpen, the mattress and the bedding should be super soft and comfortable. They should also be easily changeable.


  1. Diapers

Till your bay turns into a toddler, it will be your responsibility to clear off all the messy stuff! Pant style diapers are the most convenient and they come in various sizes according to the age. You must also have a huge stock of baby wipes to keep your baby hygienic, every single minute!

  1. Beauty Products

Your body would go a rapid transformation during pregnancy. Some of the beauty essentials that must be in your kitty include stuffs like: cocoa butter moisturisers, anti- stretch mark creams or oils, herbal shampoo, baby oils, acne clearing face washes and sunscreens (preferable to use the natural ones or ones without Zinc oxides). Before buying a product, always check if you are allergic to any of the ingredients.

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