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Dressing up for that perfect romantic date


Whether you are planning to step into a new relationship or, perhaps you want to celebrate your years of togetherness at a romantic candlelight dinner, it’s important to dress up right on your date.

Here is your ultimate style guide for that perfect romantic date:

  1. Choosing the right dress

Red and Blacks are the most delightful and traditional choices to put on a dinner date. However, for the modern girl out there, we highly recommend you to be yourself. If you love wearing casuals, then don’t shy away from wearing a plain white shirt paired up with your favourite denims. Your motto should be – to be presentable, yet stylish in your own way.

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  1. Doing the makeup

Once you have done choosing your dress, it’s time to do the right makeup. For a dinner date makeup, it’s best to either go for a blush look or keep it rather simple with a nude makeup. Highlight the best feature on your face. Make sure you put on glossy lips in the shade of red or pink and, get smoky eyes done so that he cannot take away his eyes off you.

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  1. Getting your hair done

Guys love beautiful hair, don’t they? So, it’s very important to pay attention to your hairstyle as well. Unless you are an expertise in managing your hair, we recommend you to get a hair wash and a blow dry done from your nearest beauty and spa salon, a day before the date. Getting a messy hairdo or a classic updo bun, or probably locking in those beachy waves, is sure to create some magic on this special day.

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