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Trendy Men and Women Accessories of the Season

Spring/Summer 2017 on one side is going to witness the return of some retro- styled boyish accessories, and on the other, we are also likely to see a versatile accessory range for the ladies out there. Here are the 5 key accessory trends for 2017 men/ women’s wardrobe collection:

  1. Baseball Caps with Bandana Neckerchiefs

Baseball Caps with Bandana NeckerchiefsBack from the 80s, the baseball caps seem to give you a cool look this summer season and protect you from the scorching heat as well! This season, pick up the darker hues like navy blue or brown or the neutral ones like beige or mustard and pair it up with preppy and youthful looking bandana neckerchiefs. Before wearing these neckerchiefs, make sure you tie the knots carefully and don’t make the scout too short.

  1. Side bags or Slings

Side bags or SlingsWell, women were carrying it since a long time, but, it is definitely something new for the men who believed in just carrying wallets or briefcases! Not only is it fashionable but, it helps you carry all those necessary things in one baggage- be it laptops, tablet, charger, power bank, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi devices and everything else.

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  1. Bracelets


This isn’t something new for men, but, you must try the new designs for bracelets in 2017. Not just gold and silver, but men must try some exceptional designs in brass, beads, rubber, leather, wood, rexin and other materials as well.

  1. Ear Cuffs

Ear CuffsSeems the world is falling in love with tribal wear! This season, it’s time to try out some weird looking ear cuffs and do some extra piercing! As a general rule, try the gold, silver and rose- gold shades, which will beautifully compliment the perfect Malaysian skin tone.

  1. Solitaire Jewellery

Solitaire JewelleryDiamonds have become an integral part of today’s fashionable women. Not the heavy pieces, but solitaire bangles, thin necklaces, rings, studs and pendants can be worn on a daily basis. You may also add a hint of emeralds, royal asschers and princess cuts to get that elegance in your look.

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Top 6 Beauty and Wellness Treatments in Malaysia

Ever wondered and wanted to know about the secret of the timeless beauty of a Malaysian  woman? Here are some of the most effective, exclusive and tried & tested beauty and wellness treatments in Malaysia that ought not to be missed:

  1. Asian Traditional Facial

Traditional treatments have always created wonders. And, if you need an instant tightening and skin firming, all in a natural way, then lymphatic and collagen (mask) facial treatments are two of the most popular facials in Malaysia that not only bestows you with an ageless appearance, but also helps you to get relieved from stress and headache.

Where can I get such Asian Traditional facial done?

  • Lymph Korea Kyung Rak at the Korean Beauty Centre, 01- 07 Holiday Inn Malaysia, Orchard City Centre
  • Dream Time Ritual at Willow Stream Spa, L6, Fairmont, Singapore
  1. Hammam Relaxing Massage

Nothing can beat the soothing power of an hour long Hammam ritual massage. The Mesopotamian trick of strategically using the cloth and a copper basin, along with a full body massage and a steam session, is truly an unforgettable bliss. Sephora coupon codes help you in great deal to lessen your budged as you buy some beauty cosmetics.

hammam-relaxing-massageWhere can I get such Hammam relaxing massage done?

  • Hammam Ritual at ESPA Sentosa, 8 Sentosa Getaway, Resorts World Sentosa
  1. Hot Massage

Let the mineral salts and the special massage ingredients run deep down into your dermis with a comforting hot massage. Hot massages have the additional advantage of loosening tight muscles, improving blood circulation and helping your skin to get extra moisturised. Hot Spa is a recommended treatment to beat the drenching weather of Malaysia. Check out for althea coupon codes to get good discounts.

Where can I get a hot massage?

  • Gold Lava Shell Massage at Spa Park Asia, 10 Coleman Street, Grand Park City Hall
  1. Detox treatment

The endless pollution in the environment and unhealthy dietary habits is certain to age you faster than expected. However, a detox treatment, with natural ingredients, can be an ultimate saviour. Using ingredients like marine algae paste, spirulina masque, marine salt and firming creams and organic aromatherapy oils, a detox treatment is certain to cleanse the underlying lymph and unknot the stiffness in your body.

Where can I get such detox treatment?

  • Power of the Sea at 80 Bras Basah Rd, The Fairmont Malaysia
  1. Slimming treatment

Want to lose an inch within an hour? Well, this is not a bogus advertisement! Slimming wraps can actually help you lose fat within hours. Look like an Egyptian Mummy and get ready to be wrapped with elasticated bandages. With some after treatment care and precautions, you can feel the difference straightaway, and all this while your skin’s elasticity gets improved and that extra cellulite finds its way to get flushed off.

Where can I get such slimming treatment?

  • Universal Contour Wrap at Pheonix La Beaute, B1 07 Palais Renaissance, 390 Orchard Road
  1. Foot Therapy

It’s time to soak all your worries and let the tension go off through ultra- relaxing foot massages. Embraced with ascetic and a traditional ambiance of the Chinese culture, a foot therapy experience in Malaysia incorporates the method of oriental reflexology and foot bathing with natural ingredients that are enriched with curative properties.

Where can I get a Foot Therapy?

Ancient Foot Bath Ritual with Foot Reflexology at the Bath Culture Foot Therapy, 59 Temple Street, Malaysia